We Hear You!

Parent and Camper Surveys: You Spoke and We Listened! Over the summer, we ask both parents and campers for feedback about the Greenwood Trails Summer Camp experience. Campers filled out surveys at the end of each session, and parents filled out online surveys and, in some cases, had phone calls with a member of the (read more…)

2017 Reunion Was a Hit

Camp friends make even the coldest of winters so much warmer. Over 70 Greenwood Trails campers attended our reunion on February 4th.  We are so thankful to have a chance to catch up with our campers during our off season.   If you attended our reunion, please complete our survey to help us make it even (read more…)

Neutron Meets Glenn

Our 2016 puppy with a purpose passed his test this past Monday and is officially enrolled at Guiding Eyes for the Blind!  We love Neutron and look forward to watching him blossom in his next step as a guide dog.  After attending his last class with Kate, he met Glenn, Greenwood Trails’ next Guiding Eyes (read more…)

Meet the 2017 Staff!

Welcome back, Stu! Meet Stu.  Stu’s from Scotland and this will be his third summer at Greenwood Trails!  He can mostly be found amongst the trees on our adventure course but at times dresses as the Loch Ness Monster and hides in our lake. “I love Greenwood Trails because it’s a place where you can (read more…)

Meet the 2017 Staff!

We’re so excited to begin announcing our 2017 staff! Madi’s back this summer as a ropes instructor and we couldn’t be more excited for her. She loves Greenwood Trails because it’s a place where kids of all ages can grow and have so much fun doing it! Welcome back, Madi!

Choosing Greenwood Trails part 2

Why should you choose Greenwood Trails over another camp? We’ve got another answer for you in our blog series “Choosing Greenwood Trails.” We want to make sure that our campers are able to control their lives at camp so we have created an autonomous environment at Greenwood Trails. Our motto is “Choose Your Own Trail,” (read more…)

Choosing Greenwood Trails part 1

Searching for summer camps can be so overwhelming for parents. As experienced parents themselves, Owen & Daria (Co-Directors and parents to Evelyn and Thea) and Kate (Assistant Director and parent to Hyatt) understand how overwhelming these options can be. But also as parents, they understand that ultimately, you’re looking for a safe place where your (read more…)

We Are The Coolest!!

How cool are we?  We are SO cool, we were just announced the WINNER of Red Tricycle’s 2016 Totally Awesome Awards in the “Coolest Camp in NYC” category! Red Tricycle first noticed Greenwood Trails this past winter when we began training Neutron, our Guiding Eyes puppy in training.  Read their article about us here! We (read more…)

Neutron’s Turning 1!

Our Guiding Eyes for the Blind puppy Neutron is coming to New York City on Sunday, October 23rd to celebrate his birthday and he’s hoping you can join him! We’ll be celebrating and singing the Greenwood Trails “Happy Birthday Song” to Neutron from 3-4pm at 16 Handles on 325 Amsterdam Ave between 75th and 76th!. (read more…)

The First Ever Greenwood Trails Reunion

2015 campers, parents and staff are invited to our first ever Greenwood Trails reunion! Here are the details: WHEN: Saturday, January 30, 2016 from 2pm-4pm WHERE: Dave and Buster’s in Westchester County, New York, located at 881 Pelham Parkway, Pelham Manor, New York. HOW: You can drive or take public transportation. If taking public transportation, there is (read more…)

Cabin Chats at Home!

Two summers ago, we began asking our staff to intentionally ask their campers questions about their feelings at the end of each day. At first, it was met with resistance because to some- especially this young generation- it’s not as socially acceptable to talk about feelings face to face. However, these cabin chats have proven (read more…)

21st Century Skills and Our Campers

Let’s face it- kids are different than they were ten, twenty or thirty years ago! This generation is being raised in an age where screens are everywhere, standardized tests guide our education system, and free play is no longer a priority in the modern home. Organized sports and video games are a great solution to (read more…)

Coding is coming to Greenwood Trails!

  Greenwood Trails is rolling out a computer coding activity area this summer! Why teach kids to code? “..Very few people become professional writers. But it’s useful for everybody to learn how to read and write. Again, the same thing with coding. Most people won’t grow up to become professional computer scientists or programmers, but (read more…)

The Growth Mindset

Carol Dweck, a professor of psychology at Stanford, passionately studies human motivation. In 2007, she wrote a book entitled Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. We will be intentionally focusing on growth mindset during our 2015 season because we believe that our campers and staff members are all awesome and ready to unleash their talents at Greenwood Trails this summer and beyond. (read more…)

We Love GWT (part 2)

So, we’ve heard from our campers- what do our parents have to say about GWT? “It’s a top shelf run camp.” “We were very happy for our first summer. Coming back next year, longer” “GREAT experience! Thanks!” “Daniel loved everything about his summer” My child’s favorite thing at camp was… “Her feeling of independence and (read more…)

Greenwood Trails is Hiring!

Greenwood Trails is hiring all kinds of awesome and capable people! Thinking about being part of our team? Check out this super great video from our favorite Aussie, Caitlin (dance & video instructor and lifeguard extraordinaire), for the top ten things our staff go home with after camp 🙂 Apply here!

The Social Supplement to Modern Society

Here is an awesome article written by ACA’s Peg Smith and Andy Pritikin! What an amazing world we live in, with more information and connections at our fingertips than we could ever imagine. This brave new world has come with a price, though, as we’ve gradually replaced human interaction with technological interaction. We have (read more…)

New Updates Around Camp!

Every year, Greenwood Trails strives to make the camp facility a little more beautiful.  This year, we’re excited to announce an upper field makeover!  That’s right, no more divots in the infield- we’re on the up and up!  We can’t wait for our kids to try out our new and improved baseball field! Other big improvements include: A (read more…)

Good Things Jars!

Here’s a great idea for 2015- Buzzfeed calls them “Rememberlutions” and Elizabeth Gilbert (the author of Eat, Pray, Love) calls them “Happiness Jars”. Thinking positively on a regular basis keeps us healthy and happier.  Whatever you’d like to call them, this is a great project for you and your kids as you wait to send (read more…)


Hey everyone- Kate here! November isn’t just about not shaving (although it’s a great cause). It’s also a month where we are encouraged to think of the things that we’re thankful for. I’m pretty thankful for life in general – it’s a great life. But, when I think about it, my life revolves around camp! (read more…)

What is Camp?

Our campers and their parents understand the importance of summer camp because camp is awesome!  But do non-camper families know that? If you were to describe camp and communicate its importance to other non-camp-but-potential-camp-families, how would you do it?

Halloween is Coming!

Halloween is quickly approaching and it can be a scary time for kids who have food allergies! As a camp that is very conscious of allergies (we’re nut free and cater to many other dietary restrictions as well), we feel that it’s important to share this information to all of our camper families. It’s the (read more…)

Camp Moves Me!

The American Camp Association has organized a great fundraiser to help more kids across America gain the camp experience that so many of you have already enjoyed. Kate, Greenwood Trails’ assistant director, is participating in the fundraiser Camp Moves Me by pledging to run at least 50 miles during the month of October in order (read more…)

Delaware Diaries: Backwards Day 2014

On Monday, July 21st it was “Backwards Day”. Backwards Day was a day where everything was reversed! On our normal days the schedule looks something like: Wake up Breakfast Rooster Squads and Kapers Major 1 Major 2 Delaware Time/ Cabin Activity Lunch Siesta Delaware Minor/ Cabin Activity Snack Shack Minor 1 Minor 2 Dinner Evening (read more…)

Pay It Forward

Kids in Ohio are paying it forward and Greenwood Trails kids can too! Did you know that we offer discounts for children who serve their community? Click on the links below to watch a truly heartwarming story about a boy paying it forward and to learn more about our discounts! Ohio Boy Pays it Forward (read more…)

Nut Free and Proud Of It!

As Halloween approaches, please keep in mind that some children suffer from food allergies that could be lethal, if the wrong food is consumed. Here is a link to a list of candy that can satisfy the nut free sweet tooth: Did you know that Greenwood Trails is nut free? We take campers’ health (read more…)

Wise Words from a GWT Staff Member

This excerpt is taken from Suze’s blog post, “Things That Summer Camp Taught Me.” Suze enjoyed her first year at Greenwood Trails this past summer. She is currently a Media Studies Digital Arts major at St. Michael’s College in Vermont. Suze is also a valued member of her school’s rugby team, which is undefeated and (read more…)

Here’s a Great Article on the benefits of Sleepaway Camp! By Rachel Pomerance June 6, 2013 RSS Feed Print Sleepaway Camp: A Remedy for Overparenting? “What was the sweetest moment of your childhood?” is a question psychologist Michael Thompson regularly asks adults. Eighty percent of the time, he says, they’ll recall a memory in which their parents weren’t present. Why? Because the thrill of (read more…)

Greenwood Trails has Day Camp!

What are the benefits of a day camp, you ask? The summer months can be pretty long if your child has nothing to do while waiting for school to begin again in the fall. Day camp can fill the gap – by helping your child learn a new skill, make friends, exercise, or have (read more…)

Saving kids, one summer at a time… Beneath Amy Chua’s personal struggle in Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother lies a deeper ambivalence about learning: What on earth should we do with our children outside of school, during unstructured free time? Chua is at times conflicted but wryly proud of her intense, authoritarian solution, a luxury reserved for high-achieving, high-functioning parents. (read more…)

Hey! Greenwood Trails has an Arts Trail! By Lisa Phillips 1. Creativity – Being able to think on your feet, approach tasks from different perspectives and think ‘outside of the box’ will distinguish your child from others. In an arts program, your child will be asked to recite a monologue in 6 different ways, create a painting that represents a memory, (read more…)

Kindness is Timeless! Most parents and teachers want children to be happy. To that end, parents find themselves doing things for kids to make them happy, like buying gifts, taking them for ice cream, playing games together, or helping with homework. Teachers are constantly doing for children too. In addition to understanding the link between knowledge and (read more…)

What Summer Camp Can Teach Us

What summer camp can teach us. by Steve Baskin Creating Advantage in College Summer camp gives children meaningful advantages in college. Published on December 2, 2011 by Steve Baskin in S’mores and More When I started my career as a camp director in 1993, my mother (the “Silver Fox”) shared the following thought with (read more…)

Why Work at Camp?

It’s officially hiring season here at GWT!  If you have an interest in working at our amazing camp, we’d love to talk to you!  Please apply at: Here’s an article from ACA Camps on why you should work at camp! Does this describe you or someone you know? You love the outdoors. You (read more…)

Thanksgiving Comes Early In Connecticut

Looking for something to do this weekend in our beautiful state? has some great ideas! Thanksgiving Comes Early to Connecticut History, a bounty of food and huge parades…it must be Thanksgiving! This weekend, Connecticut offers an array of fun and educational activities to enjoy before your holiday feast next Thursday. Head to Stamford on (read more…)

Our hearts go out to all of those devastated by the affects of Hurricane Sandy. Many of our families were in its path and we hope that they are all safe.

GWT is closed until 2013

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun in Connecticut! Here’s what’s happening around the state this week to usher in Autumn 2012, according to! September 28-30, 2012 Relax and Enjoy the Scenery With the last weekend of September upon us, the cool fall weather has made its way into Connecticut. Warm days (read more…)

So long, Greenwood Trails!

The campers and staff have said their teary goodbyes… it must be time to start school! 2012 was amazing- there’s no doubt about it…. but I am really excited for 2013 because it’s going to be amazing-er! Please log on to myGWT to enroll for next summer! Take advantage of those early bird rates!

Mango Madness!

The counselors had a treat last night- they ate some Mango Pie… or was it as good as they thought?? The mangoes were bad, the counselors went crazy and the only way that counselors were cured was if the campers chased them around camp and got them in to the magic swimming pool. Staff reacted (read more…)

Boys Campout!

Well, the boys had their camp out and the girls had their night of pampering last night… while the older boys slept under the stars, the older girls pranked the boys by taking their tables from the dining hall. Guess who had to eat outside in the pavilion this morning? Don’t worry- order was restored (read more…)

Freeze Frame and Goldrush!!

How do you spend your Wednesday night?  In a lake, washing paint, dirt, and flour off your body?  That’s how we do it here!  Photos will be posted soon on myGWT of Goldrush! Speaking of photos on myGWT, have you seen pictures of your campers in strange poses?  Well, have no fear- the kids were (read more…)

Session C is off to a smashing start!!

Today, our campers get to choose their majors for the rest of this week! All of our campers have had some awesome choices already, however with minors such as: roonzball, Hunger Games, Professional Enthusiasm, Ghost Stories, and Aqua shine! The campers have played a lot of team building games as cabin activities and last night, (read more…)

Hooray for B Session!!

B session has started off without a hitch! All campers are tasting our activities over the next two days so that majors can be chosen on Wednesday! Tonight, after we ate a delicious meal of ham, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and corn, we played an all camp version of pictionary! Tomorrow is going to be HOT (read more…)

Halloween at Greenwood Trails!

Today is Sunday Funday! We slept in and ate delicious pastries for breakfast and now our cabins are hard at work on their Halloween costumes! Today’s schedule includes trick or treating, counselor relays, a pool party and a movie night. We love relaxing schedules and man do we need it- we had a great social (read more…)

GWT social tonight!

Tonight at Greenwood Trails, the CITs will be hosting their first social of the season with the theme Mardis Gras! Our counselors-in-training are in charge of decorations, snacks and music at our all-camp event and we’re excited to see what they have in store for us! There was a flashmob at lunch today (lunch was (read more…)

Camp is in session!

It’s the third summer for Greenwood Trails! Over 100 kids are taking part in an awesome summer program this session and they couldn’t be happier! So far, they’ve participated in all of our activities, a reverse scavenger hunt, and Number Games. Tomorrow, majors begin! Check out our mygwt page for hundreds of pictures!

Handling Homesickness

Today is the first day of summer 2012!! Campers will be all sorts of emotions today and our Greenwood Trails staff have been trained to handle all of them. Here’s an article about handling camp homesickness: By: Jess Michaels, American Camp Association NY & NJ School is out and your child is off to camp (read more…)

Camp is almost here!

We had a splendid time celebrating 50 days until Greenwood Trails and now, it’s time to start mentally preparing your camper for their time at camp. Chris Thurber wrote this great article for first time camper parents. Preventable Suffering Turner, the Junior Division Head, had been sitting with eleven-year-old Robin at the foot of the (read more…)

Greenwood Trails is now on Pinterest!!

Lil Riccy has been busy pinning his favorite things to his new Pinterest boards! His boards are filled with everything summer camp from things to pack, arts and crafts ideas, gnome pictures, camp food, tents, and everything in between! Follow Little Riccy on Pinterest!

What Not to Pack

There are lots of things to remember when packing for camp. Greenwood Trails campers pack flashlights, green and white clothing, a walking stick, a rain coat, toiletries and so many other things. But, one thing that we ask that you don’t bring to Greenwood Trails is a phone! There are many benefits for leaving technology (read more…)

GWT’s favorite Holiday

Mark your calendars! May 11 is right around the corner! And you know what that means?! Yes- you guessed it! 50 days til camp!! Here are some great ideas to celebrating the best holiday ever: Dress as a gnome Show extra respect, integrity, care, and courage Make scones for breakfast Sing the O Lay Lay (read more…)

Friends and Camp go Hand in Hand!

A camp professional from the American Camp Association of New York and New Jersey, posted a great article about why summer camp fosters such meaningful friendships.  Here is an excerpt: Summer camp has always been a place where strong friendships have been made and sustained for years to come. In fact, The American Camp Association (read more…)

Ninety Days!

Ninety days left until camp! That’s only 3 short months before the dining hall is filled with laughter and scones and the cup game. Lil Riccy and the gang can’t be more excited to have everyone back for another fun filled summer! In the meantime, there are still some awesomely fun things to do with (read more…)

Springing Our Way to Summer!

Spring begins tomorrow and we are delighted about it! Although we buckled down in October for a long and blustery winter, I have to say- it was easier than we thought it’d be! The gang (Owen, Andrea, Kate, Tucci, Marie, and Rich) headed to Atlantic City to the American Camp Association’s Tri State Conference this (read more…)

Happy New Year!

It’s 2012 and we’re excited! Summer is almost here! Well- maybe only two seasons away… but it’s still a lot closer than yesterday, right? Winter seems long. It gets darker earlier and it’s cold and thus, it’s very easy to watch movies or read by a fire. These are all great ways to pass the (read more…)

Show your Camp Spirit!

Don’t forget about our awesome contest!! Campers have started to submit their videos already! To view contest rules, see last week’s blog post:

Win an iPad Because You Love Camp!

***SPECIAL SUPER-DUPER AMAZING AWESOME CAMPER CONTEST*** Even though the snow is starting to fall and the holidays are just around the corner, we’re always thinking about summer! We know that lots of our campers are too! So for all of our campers who, like us, love camp, we’re having an exciting contest. Greenwood Trails is (read more…)

Scruff is the New Pink

It’s November- which means that besides some good eating and fun family get togethers, it’s a time to become aware of men’s health issues! In October, we raised awareness of breast cancer by wearing pink. In November, we raise awareness of important issues like prostate cancer by not shaving. In fact, this month has become (read more…)

Fall is Here!

While it’s not GWT’s favorite season, it’s still a great time of year! Your campers might be itching for a fun time outdoors and though it might not be the warmest weather, you can still bundle them up and send them outside with these great ideas that can still keep camp fresh in their memory: (read more…)


Did you know that camp has zillions of benefits to a child’s life? Here’s a video message from Peg Smith, CEO of the American Camp Association, to parents about taking some of those camp skills to school. A video message to parents from a camp professional


Yesterday was our Olympics- it was Narnia vs. Candyland vs. Atlantis vs. Neverland and Candyland came out victorious! At the end, an ice cream truck surprised all of the campers and ice cream was consumed by all. The Delaware campout was amazing as well- lots of tired but happy campers camped out and explored the (read more…)

Beautiful Weather Continues

Birds are chirping, a cool breeze is blowing, and our campers are playing! Tonight, the boys are camping out in tents on upper field and the girls will be ruling the camp! Tucci is exploring the rivers and woods around camp today to find a great place to take the Delaware campers on their last (read more…)

First Day of Majors!

The weather is BEAUTIFUL today- clear skies, cool temps- PERFECT for a great day of fun at Greenwood Trails! Kids have been choosing minors since they got here but today was the first day that they were able to choose the rest of their day. Evening activities have been AWESOME, thanks to our enthusiastic and (read more…)

C is for Crazy!

All is well, despite the rain! This morning, campers ‘tasted’ a bit of our activities. And now, our water trampoline is up and running and I was just greeted by our campers who have chosen a minor entitled ‘Professional Enthusiasm,’ where everyone is enthusiastic, professionally. Session C is all about crazy! Counselors dressed as pirate/dragon/princess/clowns (read more…)


Camplified was on camp last night! The campers saw Bera, Eva Ricci, The Varsity Girls, and Awesome Express. The boys and girls also enjoyed their camp-outs. We ate chicken fajitas and smores under the stars. Today is the beginning of Color War. The Green and White teams are battling in bucket brigade, watermelon rumble, apache (read more…)

Session B in Full Swing

We’ve already enjoyed two weeks of camp, but these next two look to be even more amazing. We have many amazing experiences planned for the campers. We’ll definitely be spending extra time at the lake and pool as the heat continues to rise. We’ve already enjoyed an amazing night of Improv Theatre. Counselors played many (read more…)

Tribal Games

We spent all Wednesday painted blue, black, or orange. Each camper was a part of of a tribe for the day. Activities included sink the canoe, a canoe race, water relays, tipi building, and a final all tribe dance. We had a fantastic day of friendly competition and team building. Today looks to be another (read more…)

Happy 4th!

We had a great day on Sunday Funday. Not every egg made it successfully down the hill, but they all worked together and enjoyed the challenge. The Disney themed social featured characters dancing and grooving through the night. Tonight is Gold Rush. Get ready for pictures of campers covered in paint, water, and more. It’s (read more…)

Sunday Funday

You may have heard that it is raining at camp. It never rains at Greenwood Trails! We have plenty of soft liquid sunshine, but it’s not stopping us from a great day. Each cabin has spent the day on an all camp scavenger hunt. Using the materials they’ve gathered, they will construct a device to (read more…)

Girls’ Campout!

The girls of Greenwood Trails will be camping tonight. The boys will be playing Capture the Flag. Each girl will be set up with a group and their own tent. There will be a warm fire for campfire songs too! Last night we had our first CIT led sing-a-long in the woods. Counselors dressed up (read more…)

Camping under the stars…

We have been very fortunate to have perfect weather. Last night the boys all spent the evening camping out. The fire provided warmth and was the stove for our evening meal. The girls enjoyed some quiet time on the lower field and enjoyed a Greenwood Trails tradition, Spa Night. As we approach the end of (read more…)

Minute to Win It!

We played an all camp game of “Minute to Win It” on the lit basketball courts last night. Abenaki was the final victor, but everyone participated and had a blast with the challenges. Today is our last “taster” day. The campers will be picking their Majors later today. The forecast calls for another full day (read more…)

Monday is Awesome at Camp!

You may be hard at work in the real world, but we’ve got a full day of playing scheduled. This is the first of two “taster” days. Each cabin is traveling around camp together trying out all of the activities we have to offer. The sun it out, sunscreen is on, and kids are ready (read more…)

Two Weeks until “A” Session

The summer camp season is almost upon us.  We are welcoming staff into clean cabins for intense training to prepare for the campers arrival. The guitars are being tuned for our new music program. We have plenty to share, but feel free to bring along your own.  The newest building is nearly complete.  If you (read more…)