Greenwood Trails 2022 Staff

Adam Walsh ,Counselor

Well, what’s the craic, Im Adam and i am from the west of Ireland, ill be working ropes and woodshop this summer, I can name every US state capital and the presidents, cant wait to meet everyone.

Nóra Nemcsok , Counselor

Hi, my name is Nóri and this is my first time at Greenwood Trails. I’m from Hungary and I’ll be on the ropes. A fun fact about me is that I’ve been learning six foreign languages.

Laura Peña , Counselor

Hi! I am Laura and I am from Madrid, Spain. This is my first year here in the GWT, I am excited to get to know you and to learn from you all.

Chelsea Baumann, Aquatics Director

Hello! I’m Chelsea and I’m an Aussie! I live in Adelaide, South Australia! This is my second summer at GWT and I’ll be the waterfront director this year! I love the ocean and my favourite animals are sea turtles and cows! I also love anything Winnie the Pooh :))

Alice Bello, Housekeeping

Hiiii! I´m Alice, I´m from México, this is my first time at GWT. My favorite food are chilaquiles. I really love to go to the beach with my friends.

Dominika Bembnista, Counselor / Office

Hi, I’m Domi and I’m from Poland. This is my first summer at Greenwood Trials. In my spare time I like painting and watching criminal series like NCIS or Criminal Minds.

Melissa Berman, Counselor

This is Melissa’s Ninth summer at Greenwood Trails. She’s from North Bellmore, NY and she’s currently a student at Hofstra University. She’ll be teaching theater and podcasting, and she’s looking forward to creating awesome memories and having the time of her life!

Fun fact: “I am obsessed with The Wizard of Oz, it’s my all time favorite movie!”


Oscar Bews-Miller, Counselor

Oscar is from Norwich England. He works as a self employed floor layer in England and is a keen soccer player. Oscar will be a Lifeguard at camp.

Fun Fact: Bear Grylls is his spirit animal.

Sarah Bodkin, Counselor

Hi I’m Sarah! I’m 18 and love Greenwood Trails. This is my first year as a consuler and I look forward to sparking the joy of coding for other people. My favorite animal is a bearded dragon and dragons in general.

Thania Cabrera, Kitchen

Hi! I’m Thania. I’m 23 years old. This is my first summer camp. This is my first time in USA. i’m so excited to be here.

Jolie Carlock, Counselor

Hi, my name is Jolie, I’m from England and this will be my first ever summer at Greenwood Trails. In my spare time I enjoy sewing and playing field hockey and a fun fact about me is that I have 2 pugs called Eddy and Hank! Fun Fact about me is I skydived the week before camp started.

Enrique Conde, Counselor

Hi! I’m Quique and this is my first time in Greenwood Trails. I love videogames and and all kind of sports. I’m so happy to be here.

Leo Cordero, Counselor

Hi I’m Leo, I’m 24 years old and i’ll be doing lifeguarding, it’s my first year in camp and im sure that i’ll have a lot of fun with the Kids.

Kohava Drori, Chef/Kitchen Manager

This is Kohava’s second summer at Greenwood Trails, and she is from Toronto, Canada. She’s our awesome chef and kitchen manager, and she’ll be making sure the campers have delicious, healthy meals every day. She can’t wait to meet new friends, and of course see the returners!

Fun fact: “I am a happy-go-lucky spirit. I love building relationships and am a people pleaser at every turn.”

Alex Elvira, Counselor

Rodrigo Esteban, Counselor

Rodrigo is from Madrid in Spain and joins us for his tenth summer at camp and second as a full Counselor. He is excited to meet his campers and see camp from the staff side.

Fun fact: Rodrigo studied abroad in London England.

Rich Fioravanti, Facilities Manager

Rich has been with GWT for seven years, and as Facilities Manager, he makes sure that camp looks great all year round. Rich and his wife Marie live across the street from camp, and he’s looking forward to seeing all the smiles this summer.

Fun fact: “I love children and always wish we would have had more than 2, and now each summer, Marie and I get to have 150 children running around. That’s a dream come true!”

Marie Fioravanti, Office Maven and Event Coordinator

Marie has been part of the GWT staff for seven years, and she manages our very busy office during the summer. She and her husband Rich live across the street from camp in Winsted CT year-round. She’s looking forward to all of the laughing this summer!

Fun fact: “I care deeply about others and will always put someone else’s needs before my own.”

Will Goldrick, Counselor

Hi, my name is Will and I am from Long Island, New York. This is my 10th summer at Greenwood Trails and I’ll be the Sports Trail Head this summer. An awesome fact about me is that I am a quadruplet so I have 3 sisters that are the same age as me!

Becca Gorin, Counselor

Hey, Im Becca. This is my first summer at Greenwood Trails. I’m a part time lifeguard this summer and I will be being a nanny to a lovely little girl. I’m looking forward to meeting all the campers! Fun Fact about me is I can tie a shoe lace with my toes.

Beatriz Hernandez, Counselor

Bea is from Madrid, Spain. She is studying at the university to be a teacher, she is currently a football and basketball coach, an English teacher and takes care of children. At camp she will run the basketball program.

Fun fact: when she was little, as she never tired of running, in basketball she just ran behind the ball without knowing what was happening and she started talking with the other team. Today she still talks to the other team in the middle of the game.


Yulissa Herrera, Counselor

Helloooo! I am Yuli, I’m from Mexico, this is my second year here at greenwood trails. I’ll be part of the lifeguarding team and go karting as well. Really looking forward to meet you all:)

Sammi Keiler, Junior Counselor

Hi!!! i’m Sammi. This is my 6th summer at greenwood trails it is my home away from home. I live in Westchester ny. My fun fact is that i’m a competitive dancer and been dancing for 14 years. I am a pro friendship bracelet maker.


Marica Kimbarow, Camp Mom

I’m Marcia, this is my first year at Greenwood Trails. I live on Long Island and I am a huge New York Rangers Fan. Consider me your Mom away from Mom.

Menso Van Der Laan, Counselor

Hi I’m Menso, I come from a small rural village in New Zealand called Reporoa. Grew up on a dairy farm, love to play football or soccer as they call it here, and have now caught the travel bug so cant wait to meet you all

Robert Morriss, Junior Counselor

Hi, I’m Robert, this is my 8th summer at greenwood trails and my first one as a counselor! I currently live in Kingsport, Tennessee. A fun fact about myself is that I compete in competitive robotics competitions with a small group of students at my high school!

Katie Morriss, Counselor

Hi! I’m Katie and this is my 10th summer here at Greenwood trails 🙂 I started as a camper in 2013 and became a counselor last summer. I am 19 years old. I am a lifeguard and the pottery counselor. I’m from Long Island, New York but I currently live in Tennessee!! I’m so happy to be here and I love camp life. A fun fact about me is that I am studying Architecture at the University of Tennessee Knoxville 🙂

Brody Neil, Counselor

Hey, I’m Brody and this is my first time in the States. I come from Taupo in New Zealand, I’m mad about association football and I like to exercise in my free time, lifting weights in particular.

Mike Parsons, Maintenance

Hi Friends, I’m mike and this is my 2nd summer but my first summer working maintenance, I’m from the south of England and back home i work as a scaffolder 😁

Isai Ricardez Perez, Counselor

Hey! I’m am very happy to be back at GWT, this is my second summer here! I will be working as the arts trail head. Something I love is to make jokes but also cleaning and keep a place tidy.

Danny Pimentel, Counselor

Hi. My name is Daniel and this will be my 10th summer at Greenwood Trails. I’m from Connecticut and i’m a fan of the best hockey team in New York (the New York Rangers). A fun fact about me is I do travel videography and I recently traveled and explored Iceland alone.

Paige Salle, Counselor / Nurse Assistant

Hi, I’m Paige and this will be my 9th summer at Greenwood Trails! I started as a camper in 2013 and moved up to be a counselor last year. I’ll be the martial arts counselor and nurse’s assistant this year. I live in New Jersey but am originally from Missouri. I’m so excited to be back at camp!

Jacob Shafer, Counselor

How’s it going? My name is Jacob and this is my second year as a counselor at GWT! A cool fact about me is that I actually taught Alex Honnold everything he knows.

Hana Slater, Counselor

Hana is from Aberdeenshire in Scotland. Hana is caring and compassionate individual. She spends much of her spare time raising money for charities. She enjoys playing Field Hockey and Kayaking. She will be Lifeguarding and teaching Arts and Crafts at Camp.

Fun Fact: Hana can play the Piano.

Jess Sobel, Counselor

Hi I’m Jess and this is my 9th summer at Greenwood Trails! I am 18 years old and will be helping out in the ropes course! I’m from Long Island, New York and currently live in Arizona and go to school in Vegas. And I love playing soccer and lacrosse! Fun Fact I am a huge New York Islanders fanatic.

Barb Stagg, Nurse

Barb is from West Virginia and is currently living in Barrow, Alaska. This is her tenth summer as our amazing, incomparable camp nurse. She’s looking forward to getting back to the most wonderful place in the world with folks who’ve become as dear to her as family and seeing how they’ve grown. She’s also excited to see her grandchildren so happy and of course, meeting all the new folks.

Fun fact: “The happiest time I’ve ever had is when I made another glad.”

Jen Timson, Counselor

Hi, i’m Jen. This is my first summer at Greenwood Trails. I am doing ropes this summer and i’m really excited to meet everyone! Fun Fact about me is I have two dogs named Ralph and Edward.

Joseph Umerley, Junior Counselor

Hello there! I’m Joseph and this is my eighth year here at Greenwood Trails, although my first as a counselor. I’m 18 years old and love video games and fishing. I also play Magic: The Gathering!

Ashley Yegidis, Counselor

Hey everyone! My name is Ashley and i’m from Long Island. This is my 10th year at camp and my 2nd year as a counselor. I’ll be running wacky science and yoga this year. A fun fact about me is that I love all animals and i’m a registered veterinary assistant.

Karla Zepeda, Housekeeping

Hey! I’m Karla, I’m 21 years old and this is my first summer at GWT. I’m from Mexico, and this is my second time in the States. I love spending time with my friends and watching series.