Greenwood Trails 2018 Staff

Monalisa Dinesh , Counselor

Monalisa is from Leicester in the UK. She is a camp counselor and looking forward to know all campers this summer. She is excited to teach Yoga to the campers and having fun with kids!

Fun fact: She like to paint as well as playing unique games.

Carmela Kamel , Counselor

Carmela is from London, England. She is an engineering student and cannot wait to show you how fun science can be as she is your Science councilor this summer! She will also be your lifeguard and is looking forward to having fun with all the campers.

Fun fact:  She can also speak Arabic.

Sophie Adams, Counselor

Sophie Adams is from Guildford, England. She is the judo counselor this summer and is also a lifeguard! She can’t wait to teach all the children some awesome judo moves and play fun games in the pool.

Fun fact: She is also a magician and knows 21 cheese jokes J

Angela Archila, Counselor

Angela Archila is from Colombia. She is a volleyball counselor this year and will also help with ropes. She is excited to meet  the campers, and share her experience from Colombia.

Fun fact: She studies international business

Sahiba Aslam, Counsleor

Sahiba is from Leeds, UK.  It’s her first year at GWT as a Ropes and Fencing counsellor, and is really excited to meet all the campers and teach them this summer!

Fun fact: She was a counsellor at a camp in Ukraine last summer.

Melissa Berman, Counselor

This is Melissa’s eighth summer at Greenwood Trails. She’s from North Bellmore, NY and she’s currently a student at Hofstra University. She’ll be teaching theater and podcasting, and she’s looking forward to creating awesome memories and having the time of her life!

Fun fact: “I am obsessed with The Wizard of Oz, it’s my all time favorite movie!”


Prue Boland-Riddoch, Counselor

Prue Boland-Riddoch is from Melbourne, Australia. She is the Woodshop Counselor this summer and is really excited about seeing all the amazing creations made in woodshop this summer!

Fun fact: Her nickname is Nemo

Lara Bracey, Arts Trail Head

Lara is from North Yorkshire in the UK. Although she misses the cows and the rolling hills, she is excited to be the Arts Trail Head and see all the amazing arts counsellors in action!

Fun fact: She was born in water in her Brother’s bedroom!

Luke Brophy, Counselor

Luke is from Blackpool, England, and this is his first summer at camp. He’ll be one of our lifeguards, and he’s excited about the opportunity to impact kids’ lives.

Fun Fact: “I once went skydiving from 15,000 feet.”

Krysta Caltabriano, Counselor

Krysta is from Trumbull, CT. She is a first year lifeguard counselor and is excited to spend her days by the pool and lake teaching kids fun water games. She is also very excited to get to know all the kids and help them have the best summer ever.

Fun Fact:

Krysta has a third degree black belt. She also enjoys rescuing abandoned cats and adopting them out to loving families when she is home from College.

Jack Castle, Counselor

This is Jack’s second year at camp, and he’s from London. He’ll be teaching skateboarding, and he’s looking forward to introducing a whole load of kids to skating and turning some scooter kids into some skate kids!

Fun Fact: Jack used to be the baby in the huggies diaper adverts.


Leander Cohen, Counselor

This is Leander’s eighth summer at camp, first as camper, then a CIT, and now a staff member. He’s from New York City and he’s looking forward to hanging out with the kids, coming up with new activities, and generally having a bunch of fun!

Fun fact: “I play the clarinet, ukulele, and can DJ!”

Julian Cortes, Counselor

Julian Cortes is from Colombia. He is a tennis Councilor this year and also will help with other  staffs. He is compromised with excellence and with the caring of others, from what I live up my daily life before coming to camp.

Fun fact: He dress up as anime character for Halloween on 2000s.

Rohini Datta,Counselor

Rohini is from London, UK. This is her first year at GWT and she’s incredibly excited to be a lifeguard and to teach film and video this summer!

Fun fact:  She makes science videos on YouTube

Patrick Donnelly, Counselor

Patrick is from Spalding, England and is joining Greenwood Trails for his first summer. He is going to be teaching ropes and guitar. He is very excited to experience camp as he has heard so much about it from a family friend.

Fun Fact: Patrick is a family of friend of our program director Sophie

Jennifer (Jen) Eason, Chef/Kitchen Manager

This is Jen’s second summer at Greenwood Trails, and she is from Windsor, CT. She’s our awesome chef and kitchen manager, and she’ll be making sure the campers have delicious, healthy meals every day. She can’t wait to meet new friends, and of course see the returners!

Fun fact: “I am a happy-go-lucky spirit. I love building relationships and am a people pleaser at every turn.”

Rodrigo Esteban, Junior Counselor

Rodrigo is from Madrid in Spain and joins us for his seventh summer at camp and first as Junior Counselor. He is excited to meet his campers and see camp from the staff side.

Fun fact: Rodrigo studies abroad in London England.

Rich Fioravanti, Facilities Manager

Rich has been with GWT for seven years, and as Facilities Manager, he makes sure that camp looks great all year round. Rich and his wife Marie live across the street from camp, and he’s looking forward to seeing all the smiles this summer.

Fun fact: “I love children and always wish we would have had more than 2, and now each summer, Marie and I get to have 150 children running around. That’s a dream come true!”

Marie Fioravanti, Office Maven and Event Coordinator

Marie has been part of the GWT staff for seven years, and she manages our very busy office during the summer. She and her husband Rich live across the street from camp in Winsted CT year-round. She’s looking forward to all of the laughing this summer!

Fun fact: “I care deeply about others and will always put someone else’s needs before my own.”

Alberto (Bertie) Garrido, Assistant Waterfront Director and Counselor

Alberto (Bertie) is from Barcelona, Spain. He is the awesome Water Front Assistant Director and it is his 4th summer at camp. He is super excited about having fun at the pool and telling funny stories at the cabin.

Fun fact: Alberto is Ariana Grande’s second cousin and loves singing her songs.

Victoria Heavens, Counselor

Tori is from Woodbury, Connecticut. She is a first year baseball/softball councilor; she is most excited for the new experience of being a camp counselor along with meeting new people and making a positive impact on the campers and fellow staff members.

Fun Fact: She was homeschooled until seventh grade

Cameron Hills, Athletic Trail Head and Counselor

Cameron is from Cardiff, Wales. He is the Athletics Trail Head at camp and is really looking forward to seeing past campers.

Fun fact: “I can pronounce a 58-letter word in another language.”

Denver Hopkins, Counselor

Denver Hopkins is from Naugatuck, CT. He is the fencing counselor, and is excited to share fencing games with the kids.

Fun Fact: Denver knows how to ride a snowmobile, and has travelled across the northern United States.

Cat Howard, Counselor

Cat is from Port Macquarie, Australia. She is the nature, dance and secondary ropes counselor at camp and is ecstatic to be working at Greenwood Trails in 2018.

Fun Fact: She rolls her ankles multiple times in one day despite being on flat ground.

Julia Hoyer, Junior Counselor

This is Julia’s eighth year at camp, and her first year as a junior counselor. She comes to us from Westchester New York, and she’s excited about making this summer memorable.

Fun fact: She can play the Ukulele

Hayley Kadin, Junior Counselor

Hayley is from Bellmore, New York and is joining us for her 8th summer and first as a Junior Counselor.  She is really excited to meet her campers and have lots of fun this season.

Fun Fact: Hayley has performed in Heist the musical.

Blue-Belle Kulpa

Blue-Belle Kulpa

From Chard, Somerset and I will be teaching Photography. I am most excited about meeting the campers and showing them how much fun photography can be!

Fun fact about my self is that I went to Buckingham Palace a few months ago to receive my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award.

Rosa Alvarez Lopez, Kitchen

Rosa is from Mexico, and this is her second year at camp. She’ll be part of the Kitchenstaff, and she’s looking forward to improving her English skills and sharing her culture with others.

Fun fact: “I’m super easy going.”

Charity Loy, Junior Counselor

Charity is from Sheffield, Massachusetts and is joining us for her first summer at Greenwood Trails as a Junior Counselor and Lifeguard. She is really excited to learn about the camp and meet all her Campers.

Fun Fact: She loves sour patch kids.

Mike Marsolais, Junior Counselor

Mike Marsolais is from Long Island, NY. He is a sports JC and lifeguard at camp and is most excited to begin the next chapter of his GWT journey in his first year as a counselor after his 6 previous years as a camper.

Fun Fact: He starred in the GWT production of the Lion King in 2014 as Scar for which he was nominated for an academy award for best actor.

Kymani Mccullock, Junior Counselor

Kymani joins us from New York and is looking forward to her fifth summer at Greenwood Trails. This will be her first as a Junior Counselor and the campers will love her outgoing personality.

Fun Fact: Kymani is one of only a few campers to have one all 3 special events in 1 summer.

Eoan McTernan, Counselor

Eoan is from Ireland, and this is his 2nd summer at camp. He’ll be teaching guitar and will also be lifeguarding. He’s looking forward to meeting new people and developing his skills.

Fun fact: “I’m into old school music.”

Dominic Morrant, Counselor

Dom is from Bath, England. He is going to be the Go-Karts councilor this year and can’t wait to teach the kids how to drive fast and safely.

Fun fact about Dom is that he knows how to do the floss and will be teaching all the kids.

Jessica Murphy, Photographer

Jessica is from the southeast of Ireland and is working this summer as a camp photographer at Greenwood Trials. She is really looking forward to a new experience and the opportunity to record all of the magical memories that will be made this coming summer.

Fun Fact: She has a passion for drama and has played a comedic role in approximately 13 pantomimes and musicals.

Todd Nolan, Aquatics Trail Head

Todd is from Liverpool, England. He is the Aquatics trail head at Camp and is back for his fifth year. Todd is most excited to spend his summer down at the lake in his TODZILLA form having fun with all the campers.

Fun Fact; He can recite all the lines from the movie Big Trouble in Little China by heart.

Stefan Ognjanovich, Counselor

Stefan Ognjanovich is from London, England. He is a first time primary lifeguard counselor at camp and is very excited to teach kids how to swim and to play games in the water.

Fun Fact: Stefan loves to travel and has visited over 15 countries.

Savannah Outram, Counselor

Savannah Outram is from Sussex, England. She is the primary sewing councilor as well as part of the high ropes staff. She can’t wait to meet the kids this summer and play fun games!

Fun Fact: She has four younger siblings.


Michael Parsons, Counselor

Mike is a first time councilor from Southampton, southern United Kingdom. He will be working as an instructor on the outdoors cooking section of the adventure trail. Mike is most excited about working closely with the children to create a fun and exciting environment that is also educational.

Fun fact: mike also works as an assistant leader in the scouting organization back in the UK.

Jessica Peterson, Counselor

Jess is from Melbourne Australia. She is a lifeguard and is really looking forward to seeing all her campers from last year again.

Fun Fact: She has played high level basketball for over 10 years

Danny Pimentel, Counselor

This is Danny’s Sixth summer at camp, and his first as a  counselor. He’s from Norwalk, CT, and he’s looking forward to all of the evening activities, especially Gold Rush!

Fun fact: “I’ve been playing lacrosse for five seasons.”

Samuel Pyle, Counselor

Samuel is from Goshen, Kentucky, and this is his second summer at camp. He’ll be teaching archery and ropes this summer. He’s looking forward to working with people of different ages and having fun.

Fun fact: “I am a runner and I love helping other people!!”

Colette Rakotonirainy, Counselor

Colette is from Kaposvar, Hungary. She is a first time basketball counselor at camp and her secondary activity is high ropes. She is excited to be at camp and teach the kids how to play basketball.


Fun fact: She was a camper at GWT in 2012.

Emily Ramshaw, Counselor

Emily is from Rutland, the smallest county in the UK! This is her first year at GWT as a Pottery and Art counsellor and she is super excited to meet the campers and encourage their imaginations and creative minds.

Fun Fact: Emily is currently studying Illustration at university.

Catlin Read, Counselor

Caitlin is from Aberdeen, Scotland. She is a first time rope counselor at camp and is excited to be at camp and teach the kids to swing from the trees.

Fun Fact: She is fluent in Latin.

Celina Silva, Counselor

Celina Silva

Celina is from London,England. She will be a coding counselor and part of the adventure trail this summer.She is super excited to meet all the campers and teach them how to create cool games!

Fun Fact : She loves dancing.

Barb Stagg, Nurse

Barb is from West Virginia and is currently living in Barrow, Alaska. This is her eighth summer as our amazing, incomparable camp nurse. She’s looking forward to getting back to the most wonderful place in the world with folks who’ve become as dear to her as family and seeing how they’ve grown. She’s also excited to see her grandchildren so happy and of course, meeting all the new folks.

Fun fact: “The happiest time I’ve ever had is when I made another glad.”

Sophie Stratton, Counsleor

Sophie Stratton is from Blackpool, England. She is a lifeguard this summer and also tennis. She is extremely excited to meet all the children and play fun games all summer!

Fun fact: She captained hockey for her county for 4 years.

Haydn Thomas, Adventure Trail Head

Haydn Thomas is from Glasgow, Scotland. He is Adventure Trail Head at camp and is excited to meet the kids and have a great summer.


Fun Fact: Most people just nod when they talk to him because they don’t understand what he says.

Yuli Villaverde, Kitchen Staff

This is Yuli’s third summer at Greenwood Trails, and she’ll be working in the kitchen once again. She is from Mexico and she’s looking forward to getting more experience and improving her English.

Fun Fact: “I’m a teacher, traveller, dancer, singer, reader, cooker!!”

Elaine Woods, Counselor

Elaine is from dromintee, Ireland. She is an arts and crafts counselor this summer and is really looking forward to having an impact on changing lives of children for the good and showing children how to develop new skills in creation and imagination.

Fun fact about Elaine is she climbed the Lake District last summer and completed her bronze silver and gold duke of Edinburgh award.