Greenwood Trails 2019 Staff

Sophie Adams, Counselor

Sophie Adams is from Guildford, England. She is the judo counselor this summer and is also a lifeguard! She can’t wait to teach all the children some awesome judo moves and play fun games in the pool she will also run the all stars program this summer.

Fun fact: She is also a magician and knows 21 cheese jokes.

Jack Anderson, Athletic Trail Head and Counselor

Jack is from Uttoxeter, a small town near Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, in the UK. He striving to become a Pilot in the Royal Navy, however, given the slow, competitive nature of the application he is currently using my time to develop himself and enjoy the opportunities available to him. At Camp he’ll be the new Athletics Trail head, he’ll also be running Archery and helping out with Ropes, Back in 2015 he spent a month in Malaysian Borneo climbing Mt. Kinabalu, developing a school, and trekking West to East. with his BSc and MSc coming to a close he is looking forward to getting back out to the US for what promises to be a brilliant Summer at a GWT.

Fun Fact: Jack worked at another summer camp 3 years ago.

Yazmin Apud, Housekeeping

Yazmin is from Mexico, she is currently studying in the state of Baja California Sur, the degree in alternative tourism. She will be working on the housekeeping team this summer.


Fun Fact: She recently volunteered in Guatemala

Chelsea Baumann, Counselor

Chelsea is from Golden Grove, Australia. She is a bubbly and outgoing individual who is full filling a life long ambition to travel by working as a lifeguard at camp this summer.

Fun Fact: She is obsessed with the Winnie the Pooh

Melissa Berman, Counselor

This is Melissa’s Ninth summer at Greenwood Trails. She’s from North Bellmore, NY and she’s currently a student at Hofstra University. She’ll be teaching theater and podcasting, and she’s looking forward to creating awesome memories and having the time of her life!

Fun fact: “I am obsessed with The Wizard of Oz, it’s my all time favorite movie!”


Oscar Bews-Miller, Counselor

Oscar is from Norwich England. He works as a self employed floor layer in England and is a keen soccer player. Oscar will be a Lifeguard at camp.

Fun Fact: Bear Grylls is his spirit animal.

Magali Bonilla, Housekeeping

Magali Perez Bonilla, is from Puebla Mexico, she is an industrial engineering student and this year she will be on the housekeeping staff.

Fun fact: She loves nature and being outdoors

Brooklyn Booth, Counselor

Brooklyn attends Robert Gordan University in Scotland. Brooklyn wishes she could have bought her dog Mylo to camp. She will be teaching Volleyball and Lifeguarding at camp.

Fun Fact: Brooklyn is a twin.

Leah Brooks, Counselor

Leah is from Burton-upon-Trent, England. She have just finished my 3 year degree in Fashion Management and Communication at university. This year at camp she will be working alongside the camp photographer as well as teaching sewing which she is super excited about!

Fun fact about me: She can create folded triangles out of food wrappers and I have a slight obsession with watermelons!

Brydon Duggan, Counselor

Brydon Duggan is from Invercargill New Zealand. He works in a Grocery store. At camp this summer he will be doing martial arts and life guarding. he is super excited for camp as this is his first time.

Fun fact he is a first degree black bet in Taekwondo .

Jennifer (Jen) Eason, Chef/Kitchen Manager

This is Jen’s second summer at Greenwood Trails, and she is from Windsor, CT. She’s our awesome chef and kitchen manager, and she’ll be making sure the campers have delicious, healthy meals every day. She can’t wait to meet new friends, and of course see the returners!

Fun fact: “I am a happy-go-lucky spirit. I love building relationships and am a people pleaser at every turn.”

Kirsty Edwards, Counsleor

Kirsty is from Derbyshire, England. This will be my her year at summer camp and she is very excited! She graduated from university last year and this year have worked as a hockey coach, supply teacher and on a garden nursery. This summer she cannot wait to work on the ropes as her primary and pilates, lacrosse and drama as her secondaries.

Fun fact: She have seen over 30 shows on the London West End!

Rodrigo Esteban, Junior Counselor

Rodrigo is from Madrid in Spain and joins us for his eighth summer at camp and first as a full Counselor. He is excited to meet his campers and see camp from the staff side.

Fun fact: Rodrigo studies abroad in London England.

Niamh Fairhurst, Counselor

Niamh lives in Perth, Australia but was born in England. She has a passion for making movies and is doing movie making with the campers at camp. She is currently working as a nanny,

Fun Fact: Niamh is learning to speak Spanish

Rich Fioravanti, Facilities Manager

Rich has been with GWT for seven years, and as Facilities Manager, he makes sure that camp looks great all year round. Rich and his wife Marie live across the street from camp, and he’s looking forward to seeing all the smiles this summer.

Fun fact: “I love children and always wish we would have had more than 2, and now each summer, Marie and I get to have 150 children running around. That’s a dream come true!”

Marie Fioravanti, Office Maven and Event Coordinator

Marie has been part of the GWT staff for seven years, and she manages our very busy office during the summer. She and her husband Rich live across the street from camp in Winsted CT year-round. She’s looking forward to all of the laughing this summer!

Fun fact: “I care deeply about others and will always put someone else’s needs before my own.”

Matilda Forshaw, Counselor

Matilda is from Ormskirk in England. Matilda will be the Arts & Crafts program this summer. She loves working with children and saw camp as a great opportuity to mix that with her great passion of Art.

Fun Fact: Matilda received the highest award a girl guide can: The Baden-Powell award.

Biaani Gomez, Kitchen Staff

Biaani is from Oaxaca, Mexico and is 20 years old. She is studying languages in the UABJO university. This will be her first time in a summer camp, she will be working in the kitchen and she is so excited and hopes to make a lots of friends.

FUN FACT: She love read poems and poetry ️

Abby Heddrick, Camp Mom

“Abby is from New York City and spends her off-camp season as a preschool teacher and graduate student. This year, she will be stepping into the new role of camp mom and is so excited about it! This will be her fourth summer at GWT and she is eager to return to her home away from home.”

Fun Fact: “Abby is a Psychology nerd and have taken pretty much every personality quiz under the sun- She could talk about the Enneagram and Myers Briggs tests for hours!”

Dara Helfant, Counselor

Dara is from Marina Del Rey California, She goes to school in Amenia NY. She works at a public school as an internship working with 4th – 6th graders
and will be doing ropes course this summer

Fun Fact: She like to be creative and do team building activities.

Beatriz Hernandez, Counselor

Bea is from Madrid, Spain. She is studying at the university to be a teacher, she is currently a football and basketball coach, an English teacher and takes care of children. At camp she will run the basketball program.

Fun fact: when she was little, as she never tired of running, in basketball she just ran behind the ball without knowing what was happening and she started talking with the other team. Today she still talks to the other team in the middle of the game.


Cat Howard, Counselor

Cat is from Port Macquarie, Australia. She currently work at a hotel and start studying Entertainment Management in September. This summer she will be the Arts Trail Head and teaching some dance. Fun Fact she has been converted from a croc hater to a croc lover. Both the animal and the shoe.

Fun Fact: She can’t wait to be back at camp with all the campers. 2019 will be the best GWT yet!

Yannick Esteban Schilken Iturrio, Counselor

Yannick is from Grimmstasse in Germany. He speaks German, Spanish and English. He can play the Piano and only has to listen to a song to be bale to learn it. He will be a Lifeguard at camp.

Fun Fact: He cannot read music.

Rose Janowitz, Counselor

Rose is from New York City. She enjoys horseback riding and running. She will be the Skate Specialist and attending two sleep away camps as a child.

Fun Fact: She was a camper at Greenwood Trails for her first two years of sleep away camp.

Cory Jeffcote, Counselor

Cory is from Doncaster, England and studies at Leeds Beckett University. She is bubbly person who loves being outdoors. Cory will be doing Ropes at camp.

Fun Fact: Corey is studying law at University

Yaretzi Jimenez, Kitchen Staff

Varetzi is from Xalapa, Veracruz, México. she is studying Industrial Engineering. At camp she will be working in the kitchen.

Fun Fact: She learned how to cook when she started studying in another city, now cooking for her is a hobby she enjoys it very much.


Matt Johnson, Counselor

Matt is from England and considers himself an extroverted person, with a positive personality. He has recently been working in England smallest 5 star hotel. He is a sporting person and will be teaching Ropes at camp.

Fun Fact: He completed the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.


Reagan Mcintyre, Counselor

Reagan (said ‘Ree-gun’ not ‘Ray-gun’ like the President) is from Newcastle, England, although she is originally from near London. She studies History at Newcastle University. She is very excited to be at Greenwood Trails this summer, and have the best summer on the Ropes courses.

Fun fact: She loves to snowboard and scuba dive.

Keyla Miramon Mendoza, Kitchen Staff

Keyla is from Mexico and she is studying English language teaching because she wants to be a teacher of English and Spanish. In her free time she likes to paint, draw, make crafts and play the guitar.

Fun fact: She loves watching movies while eating bear gummies with chamoy instead of popcorn.

Skylar Miklus, Counselor

Skyler is from Boston, MA and attends Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. She is a high energy and enthusiastic person who often works with her college admissions team to integrate new students into college. She will be doing Ropes and Coding at Camp.

Fun Fact: She attended two camps as a child.

Abbie Moore, Counselor

Abbie is from Enlgand. She is a fun, approachable and friendly person who is really looking forward to meeting the campers with a smile. She is going to be teaching Cermaics and Ropes at camp. Abbie is currently learning sign language.

Fun Fact: Abbie has completed the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award

Mariana Morales, Kitchen Staff

Mariana Morales Mirón kitchen Mariana is from Mexico and she is studying industrial engineering. She will be Kitchen Staff this year and she is committed to cooking the most delicious food for everyone.

Fun Fact: There are three things that identify Mariana, sweets, taekwondo and puppies.

Dominic Morrant, Counselor

Dom is from Bath, England. He is going to be the Go-Karts councilor this year and can’t wait to teach the kids how to drive fast and safely.

Fun fact about Dom is that he knows how to do the floss and will be teaching all the kids.

Todd Nolan, Aquatics Trail Head

Todd is from Liverpool, England. He is the Aquatics trail head at Camp and is back for his fifth year. Todd is most excited to spend his summer down at the lake in his TODZILLA form having fun with all the campers.

Fun Fact; He can recite all the lines from the movie Big Trouble in Little China by heart.

Cagin Berk Ozdemir, Counselor

Çağın is from Istanbul, Turkey. Currently studying 1st year at a university there. He is going to teach photography and show how fun it can be. He will also be a lifeguard. This is his first year in any kind of summer camp and he is very excited.

Fun fact: He has been giving lessons on how to say his name to the staff.

Karolina Martinez Paulino, Kitchen Staff

Karolina is from the Dominican Republic. She can play the piano and is a VERY VERY good singer. She cooks as a hobby and is looking to put that in practice working in the kitchen at Greenwood.

Fun Fact: Karolina is a lead vocalist in a music group.

Danny Pimentel, Counselor

This is Danny’s Seventh summer at camp, and his second as a  counselor. He’s from Norwalk, CT, and he’s looking forward to all of the evening activities, especially Gold Rush!

Fun fact: “He has been playing lacrosse for Six seasons.”

Yannick Pusch,Counselor

Yannick Pusch is from Neuss, Germany.This is the first time he is working as a camp counselor in GWT and he is really excited. Furthermore he is a professional handballplayer  and he is looking forward to show the kids this sport.

Fun fact: Friends call me Puscher.

Antine Reddingius, Counselor

Antine is originally from Delft, the Netherlands, but has been living in Montreal, Canada for a year. she is on an extended gap year and will be starting a masters degree in Wind Energy Engineering in the fall of 2020 – up until then she’ll be traveling around the USA and Asia. This summer she will coach baseball and lifeguard.

Fun Fact about me: She can hold a handstand up to thirty seconds!

Russell Roberts, Counselor

Russel is from Great Yarmouth in England. He studies mechanical enginerring. Russel enjoys playing soccer, kayaking and going to the gym. He is will be a lifeguard at camp.

Fun Fact: Russel always like to challenge himself and wants to one day be the Wolf of Wall Street.

Toni-Ann Roberts, Counselor

Toni-Ann was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica W.I but grew up in New York City. She is currently taking some time off from university and will be joining the Air Force soon. She is doing science again for her second summer here at GWT and she is so excited to see all her kids.

Fun Fact: She has two cats Moonlight and Kanye. She named Kanye after Her iconic lipsync of Kanye West from her first summer in 2017.

Hana Slater, Counselor

Hana is from Aberdeenshire in Scotland. Hana is caring and compassionate individual. She spends much of her spare time raising money for charities. She enjoys playing Field Hockey and Kayaking. She will be Lifeguarding and teaching Arts and Crafts at Camp.

Fun Fact: Hana can play the Piano.

Barb Stagg, Nurse

Barb is from West Virginia and is currently living in Barrow, Alaska. This is her tenth summer as our amazing, incomparable camp nurse. She’s looking forward to getting back to the most wonderful place in the world with folks who’ve become as dear to her as family and seeing how they’ve grown. She’s also excited to see her grandchildren so happy and of course, meeting all the new folks.

Fun fact: “The happiest time I’ve ever had is when I made another glad.”

Lauren Thirlwell, Counselor

Lauren is from a town called Glossop in England, although she is currently a student studying physiotherapy up in Aberdeen, Scotland. This summer she will be working on ropes and she is really looking forward to meeting everybody!

Fun Fact: She loves to do puzzles and she knows how to solve the Rubik’s cube.

Haydn Thomas, Adventure Trail Head

Haydn Thomas is from Glasgow, Scotland. He is Adventure Trail Head at camp and is excited to meet the kids and have a great summer.


Fun Fact: Most people just nod when they talk to him because they don’t understand what he says.

Joe Turner, Counselor

Joe is from Warwickshire in Enlgand. He is a huge soccer fan and played at semi professional level. He enjoys all other sports and studied sports and exersie science at university. He is going to be coaching tennis at camp.

Fun Fact: Joe won an award as a Young Fire Fighter.

Willem Volschenk, Counselor

Willem is from South Aftrica. He is 1 of 3 children and currently works as a videoprapher for a wedding company. He is hooping to bring those skills to camp where he will take on the same role.

Fun Fact: Willem has filmed many weddings with Elephants, Zebras and Giraffes surrounding the wedding party in their natural environment.

Leah Wadhams, Counselor

Leah is from Hampshire in England. She has traveled many countries including Turkey, Egypt, France Morocco and Spain and is excited for her new adventure in America. She will be a lifeguard at camp this summer.

Fun Fact: She owns her own paddlebaord

Oli Webber, Counselor

Oli is from New Zealand, He is an outgoing person who loves to play all kinds of sports. He is looking forward to having fun with the kids and will be on the ropes course at camp.

Fun Fact: He sounds like Korg from the Avengers.