International Campers

International Campers:

Greenwood Trails takes every step to ensure that all of our campers feel at home during their stay with us. We are proud of our diversity and have had campers (and counselors) join us from all over the world. Having international campers is a benefit to our entire camp community, as campers both teach and learn about each other’s cultures and traditions.

From the moment campers arrive at the airport we ensure there is a smooth transition into camp life. We offer transportation from JFK airport in New York and Bradley Airport in Hartford, where our staff will pick them up and bring them directly to camp. Upon arrival at camp, children will join their bunk mates and start creating friendships and memories that branch all corners of the world. Parents will be notified when their children arrive at camp.


What can campers expect from Greenwood Trails:


Greenwood Trails is an elective style camp which allows campers to “choose their own trail.” This means they can choose many of the activities they do each day. The program incorporates not just American classics like baseball and basketball, but athletic and non-athletic programs that have been developed over the years with help from our multi-cultural staff. It is not uncommon to see campers participate in Jianzi, a Chinese version of hacky sack, or doing Irish dancing during their dance majors.


It’s important that all campers do their best to speak English while at camp. It’s natural for children to want to speak in their native tongue, but campers all speaking the same language helps unify the camp community. In addition, a reason many international campers come to Greenwood Trails is to improve their English. The more English a camper speaks, the better their language skills become. Of course, if a camper has trouble with English then we will always do our best to help with their communication!


Cell Phones:

Cell phones are not allowed at camp. Many international campers will bring cell phones with them for the flight to the United States in order to contact their parents when they arrive. This is perfectly acceptable. Once they contact their parents, they can give their cell phone to the camp staff member and we will hold onto it in the camp office during their stay here.

Calls Home:

In addition to the initial call home, all campers are allowed one phone call per week starting their 2nd week of attendance. You can schedule your call by contacting our Boys or Girls Head Counselor.




**AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION: $165 fee each way for airport transportation (JFK, BDL) during specified times. Flight arrival times are Sunday 6/25, 7/9, 7/30) between 11:00am-4:00pm. Flight departure times are Saturday (7/8, 7/29, 8/12) between 12:00pm – 7:00pm.

Arrival and departure outside of those times must be approved by the camp and incur a $85 surcharge each way.




"Katie Morris"

by Camper Spotlight- Katie Morriss, CAMPER 3

I describe it as my second home because I have all my friends here.