Delaware Diaries: Backwards Day 2014

On Monday, July 21st it was “Backwards Day”. Backwards Day was a day where everything was reversed! On our normal days the schedule looks something like:
Wake up
Rooster Squads and Kapers
Major 1
Major 2
Delaware Time/ Cabin Activity
Delaware Minor/ Cabin Activity
Snack Shack
Minor 1
Minor 2
Evening Activity

On Backwards Day that schedule was totally reversed! After breakfast of we had the evening activity which was a pool party! Then we went right into our awesome minors and ended the night with majors. It was really funny because at dinner the kitchen staff played along and gave us our yummy dessert first! It was a great treat! It was overall very fun and a little confusing at times but very memorable!
By: Margaux Atkins (Cheyenne)