The First Few Days of a Session

From a counselors perspective, the first few days of a session are both unbearably hard but also the most rewarding. One might ask “how is it so hard?” My answer to that is that it just is. It is really hard to say goodbye to campers that you have gotten the chance to know over the past two weeks. It is hard to welcome in new kids while possibly doubling the numbers in your cabin. The dynamics in the cabin change with all the new personalities. Schedules are a little different in the first days and often times they can get the best of you. But, in all honesty, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a scared new kid finally get it. They finally understand why camp is so spectacular. They are smiling more, laughing with their new friends and unafraid to branch out and try something that they would have never imagined they’d be able to complete. That truly makes the hard parts of the first few days worth it. That is why we, as counselors, love what we do.