Random Acts of Kindness Week

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has a week set aside for all of us to purposely do good for others. How great is that?

At Greenwood Trails, one of our values is Caring. Let’s encourage our kids to add some C’s to their RICC collection this week by doing one (or, hopefully more) of these random acts!

Here’s a list of things you could do TODAY- RIGHT NOW EVEN- that would make someone’s day just a little brighter:

*Tweet or Private message a friend or 3 to tell them why they’re so cool
*Donate clothing
*Email an old teacher (OR CAMP COUNSELOR) and tell them why they’re so inspiring
*Play with some animals at your local animal shelter
*See that person who wants to fit in but no one is talking to them? Go talk to them!
*Put your phone down, make some eye contact, and just ask about your friend’s life
*Holding a grudge? Choose to forgive and forget today
*Give someone a hug (if they like that sort of thing)
*In line at the cafeteria or at the local coffee shop, pay for the person’s food or drink after you
*Say thank you to the janitor or to the bus driver or to anyone else who is making your day a little bit easier

Have you experienced a Random Act of Kindness? Or have you participated in the Random Acts of Kindness event? If so, tell us using #RAKweek2015 and #greenwoodtrails