GWT Cares

At Greenwood Trails, we instill the importance of community in our campers and encourage them to become good citizens of the world. In addition to embodying our four core values, they have opportunities to participate in community service. They might make cards for patients in a children’s hospital, send camp care packages to troops, help train a service dog, or take on other relevant projects.

Our Counselors in Training (CITs) do their own community service project each summer such as running camp programs at a local Boys and Girls Club. In addition, they initiate things such as “pay it forward” bracelets which encourage campers to perform random acts of kindness for each other.



Greenwood Trails also has a unique “Pay it Forward” discount that encourages campers to perform community service or acts of kindness outside of camp. We give a discount for campers who pay it forward to others, expanding the idea of camp community outside of the camp borders. Over the years, we have given thousands of dollars in tuition credits to campers who have done hundreds of hours of community service in their own communities.

"Becky Goldrick"

by Becky, CAMPER 2010

I always get a lot of personal growth and it’s really cool to look back to see how far or different I’ve become.