We Love GWT (part 2)

So, we’ve heard from our campers- what do our parents have to say about GWT?

“It’s a top shelf run camp.”

“We were very happy for our first summer. Coming back next year, longer”

“GREAT experience! Thanks!”

“Daniel loved everything about his summer”

My child’s favorite thing at camp was… “Her feeling of independence and being in a world of children”

And Our Staff- What do our staff have to say?

“Camp is my happy place, the shining light in a calendar year. You become the best version of yourself at camp and everything you ever thought impossible seems do-able.”

“There is something about seeing a massive smile on a kids face after they just completed something that they were terrified of before. Or the laugh that they make when we, as counselors, step outside of our own comfort zone”

” Camp challenges you in a way that doesn’t happen anywhere else. It let’s you see where your strengths and weaknesses are and gives you the chance to improve. The people are supportive and always willing to help one of their own. There’s a real sense of growth and community.”

Be a part of our awesome community! Whether you’re a staff member, a parent, or a kid, we promise that we’ll give you the excellent treatment you deserve. Sign up today!