Friends and Camp go Hand in Hand!

A camp professional from the American Camp Association of New York and New Jersey, posted a great article about why summer camp fosters such meaningful friendships.  Here is an excerpt:

Summer camp has always been a place where strong friendships have been made and sustained for years to come. In fact, The American Camp Association has found that 96% of campers say that camp helped them make new friends, while 92% indicated that other campers helped them to feel good about themselves. 69% of parents also mentioned that their child still remains in contact with friends made at camp. What is it about summer camp that helps foster friendships?

Greenwood Trails can help to answer this question!  Our summer camp is committed to strengthening kids’ social skills.  How do we do it?  Well, for one- our staff is trained in team building exercises.  We have an excellent low ropes course and programs for helping campers to overcome uncomfortable situations.  On top of that, our camp is designed for fun fun fun!  With lots of activities to choose from and lots of awesome evening programs, Greenwood Trails is always encouraging kids to make friends and to have fun while doing it!

Check out the fun we had during our C session last year by clicking here:


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