Nut Free and Proud Of It!

As Halloween approaches, please keep in mind that some children suffer from food allergies that could be lethal, if the wrong food is consumed. Here is a link to a list of candy that can satisfy the nut free sweet tooth:

Did you know that Greenwood Trails is nut free? We take campers’ health and safety seriously. This coming season, we will become even stricter with our nut-free policy. Here are the things that we do to help to ensure that children with a food-allergy are safe:
1) Our chef works closely with food vendors to ensure that all of the products that come in to our kitchen are nut-free. All packages are read upon delivery to confirm that no traces of nuts are in our packages.
2) Our chef makes alternative meals for children with other food allergies, and we always have a salad bar and soy-nut butter and jelly sandwiches on hand for the picky eaters!
3) We inspect every package that is given to campers. Any food product will be confiscated. We ask that parents abide by our policies so that children with allergies can remain safe.
4) We have a registered nurse on-site and other certified staff members who are able to administer an epipen if needed.

All children have a right to have a fun and safe summer and we are happy to provide that at Greenwood Trails!