Choose Your Trail, Greenwood Trails

Article from Resident Magazine, March 2011, pg. 149

blog-waterAt Greenwood Trails, a co-ed sleepaway camp nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Berkshire Mountains, on over 100 wooded acres, campers are encouraged, among other things, to follow their own path. Situated on the site of one of the country’s earliest and most beautiful summer camps, Camp Delaware (of which I am an alumnus), Greenwood Trails is steeped in natural beauty. What separates them most, though, is their “Choose Your Trail” philosophy, which recognizes that each child is an individual, with unique talents, likes, hobbies, and goals. Campers have the ability to choose much of their own schedule, with activities ranging from sports, arts, adventures, and more.

They pride themselves on being a caring camp community, and advocate this through their four core values: respect, integrity, caring, and courage. Campers leave the summer having learned to respects each other as well as themselves, interact with others in an honorable way, be a part of a community, have empathy for others, and build courage through trying new things.

Activities at Greenwood Trails include the traditional summer camp sports, such as swimming, tennis, basketball, baseball, and soccer, as well as more unique activities such as adventure/challenge courses, a mini-animal farm, photography, jewelry making, candle making, and outdoor cooking. One of their most popular and impressive programs is the Martial Arts Specialty Program, during which participants dedicate one hour each morning to learning and studying the United Martial Arts Method. Campers focusing on this specialty emerge with a strong, disciplined mind and body, and are taught
respect, communication, and determination.

Greenwood Trails has the unique distinction of fostering goodwill and positivity throughout the year, even when kids are not at camp. Through their Pay it Forward discount, parents receive a discount of up to $300 off camp tuition by recording the acts of kindness and charity their children participated in on an ongoing basis. So the camp’s philosophy is not limited to the summer months.

At Greenwood Trails, campers experience the best of both worlds: the traditional summer camp experience in the country, with an opportunity for self-exploration and development of unique and personal goals.

Article from Resident Magazine, March 2011, pg. 149