Choosing Greenwood Trails part 2

Why should you choose Greenwood Trails over another camp? We’ve got another answer for you in our blog series “Choosing Greenwood Trails.”

We want to make sure that our campers are able to control their lives at camp so we have created an autonomous environment at Greenwood Trails. Our motto is “Choose Your Own Trail,” which can be interpreted in a couple of different ways:

  • Our camp is choice based, which means that campers get to participate in activities that they choose.  Our younger campers will have a couple of activities scheduled for them during the day to ensure they bond with their cabinmates.  BUT even younger campers will have four activities a day that they choose. Our older campers will have 6 periods a day to choose.
  • Campers can be who they want to be at Greenwood Trails.  Choosing their own trail could mean that campers can choose to take risks that aren’t available in a school environment.  Because we encourage our campers to be their best selves, campers gain confidence to be the people they want to be… and that’s a powerful experience!

When campers get to choose who they are and what they want to do, we get to see kids breaking social barriers, being braver than they’ve ever been, and excelling in activities that they really enjoy.