Trails Program

martial artsIn addition to giving campers the opportunity to discover new passions and build their existing skills, we also give them the option of reaching for specific goals during their time at camp. Within each of our four trails – athletics, adventure, arts, and aquatics – there are a series of benchmarks for campers to achieve. For example, to complete the adventure trail, they need to climb all sides of the climbing tower; build and light a campfire without assistance; and successfully navigate three elements of the low ropes course, among other things. When campers fully complete a trail, they are recognized in front of the entire camp. If they complete all four trails, they become “Trailblazers” and their name proudly goes on a plaque displayed at camp.

Our Trails Program helps teach campers resilience and perseverance as they set their sights on accomplishing their goals. They learn that FAIL is just the First Attempt In Learning. Campers can choose to focus on completing one trail, spread their interests out over all four trails, or not participate in the trails program at all. It’s another way that camp embodies the motto of “Choose Your Own Trail.”

"Andrew Feigenbaum"

by Andrew Feigenbaum, CAMPER 2006 - 2010

I’m most proud of playing tennis. I can play it better now because of camp.