Working at Camp

counselor piggybackWorking at Camp

So you’re thinking about working at camp as a counselor at Greenwood Trails? If you are looking for a rewarding, exhilarating, and overall awesome experience Greenwood Trails may be the place for you!

Have you ever had a teacher, coach, or mentor who made a real difference in your life? Is there a special role model from your past who cared enough to get to know you as a person and influence you in a positive way? Working at Greenwood Trails, you will have that same opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of campers. You will be that amazing teacher, coach, and mentor that will help our campers become their best selves.

As a counselor, you will have a chance to build campers’ skills in athletics, arts, adventure, aquatics or your area of expertise.

minors butterflyYou will also teach campers social skills and positive values to help build character.

With your help, campers will experience all the fun and excitement of the camp day, while also gaining self-confidence. As you guide them through new experiences, they will discover their strengths and increase their abilities. Counselors are leaders, helpers, supervisors, listeners, entertainers, teachers, and above all positive role models.

We look for counselors who are fun, energetic, compassionate and team players. If you have a “me first” attitude, then Greenwood Trails is not the right camp for you. Here at camp everyone works together and does their share to make sure every camper’s (and counselor’s) experience is the best possible. Our hope is that by working at camp, you will be enriched, have fun, experience new things, and truly make a difference in the lives of campers.

So why work at Camp?



by Camper Spotlight- Katie, CAMPER

I describe Greenwood Trails as my second home because I have all my friends here and the counselors are like family!