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Greenwood Trails Scholarship Donations

Greenwood Trails is most proud of the community and family environment we have created at our summer home. Without the support of our Greenwood Trails families and friends, we would not be able to provide the safe and nurturing place that thousands of campers have enjoyed since our founding. In 2021 we launched the Greenwood Trails Scholarship fund in order to be able to offer the camp experience to more children regardless of financial means.

Our Scholarship Program is funded by donations from individuals and families and is administrated by the American Camp Association (ACA). We would like to be able to offer the Greenwood Trails experience to as many children as possible who would like to attend camp. You can help us achieve that goal by donating to the Scholarship Fund! Contributions to our Scholarship Fund are tax-deductible and all donations will be applied to providing a camp experience for a child who otherwise would not be able to afford camp.

If you would like to donate to the scholarship fund and help make a child’s dream a reality, please click the donate button above.

If you would like to learn more about our scholarship program PLEASE CLICK HERE.



"Becky Goldrick"

by Camper Spotlight - Becky, CAMPER 2010-2015 Staff 2017-

I always get a lot of personal growth and it’s really cool to look back to see how far or different I’ve become.