Evening Activities and Special Events

At the end of each day, we come together as a whole camp for our evening activity. There are also several days during the summer devoted to full day special events. These are times when our community has fun, laughs together, sometimes gets messy, and bonds as a camp.

Evening Activities

Some of our more popular evening activities include:

  • Campfire Nights

    Singing songs and discussing camp topics under the stars at our campfire site in the woods. It’s a special summer experience.

  • Lip Sync Contest

    Cabins get creative and perform on stage to cheers and laughter.

  • Saturday Night Dance Party

    Held in our outdoor covered pavilion with a different theme each session.

  • Greenwood Trails Beauty Pageant

    Each cabin gets to dress up a counselor for our hysterical beauty pageant.

  • White House

    Campers protect their “president” from being attacked by paint throwing “ninjas” all around camp!

Special Events

Our summer program also features exciting daytime full camp special events such as RICC Games, Color War, Olympics and Carnival.

Sunday Funday

Every other Sunday, the entire camp participates in Sunday Funday, which is a fun and relaxing team-building day where campers work together as cabins to build or produce something creative.

The theme changes each session – past Sunday Funday examples are “Boat Build” where each cabin built a boat for campers to race across the lake, “Mini-Golf” where each cabin designed a mini-golf course hole, and “Flug Tag” where campers built “flying machines” and produced skits to launch their manned machines into the pool.

These awesome evening activities and superb special events offer even more opportunities for Greenwood Trails’ campers to have sensational summertime fun!

"Michael Ettinger"

by Camper Spotlight - Michael Ettinger, CAMPER 2016

I like how everything is open. We can pick our events when we want them.