Cabin Chats at Home!

Two summers ago, we began asking our staff to intentionally ask their campers questions about their feelings at the end of each day. At first, it was met with resistance because to some- especially this young generation- it’s not as socially acceptable to talk about feelings face to face. However, these cabin chats have proven to be invaluable within our cabins! Not only do staff get to know campers on a much richer and deeper level but campers learn about others’ lives, giving them a chance to learn tolerance and empathy for others.

Here are some sample questions that you can ask your children (and they can in turn ask you!):

What are your two roses and your thorn for the day? How did you overcome the thorn?

Who made you smile today?

If one of your teachers could survive the zombie apocalypse- who would it be and why?

What challenged you today?

Tell me something you learned about a friend today.

What’s one thing you wish you knew before today started?

Describe your perfect day at school.

What do you hope to learn by the end of the school year?

It’s so important that we keep up that face to face communication with our kids at home! Not only should they be expected to answer but you should, too! At first, it may seem difficult but once the culture is created, I promise that it will be a welcome and rewarding part of your day. I challenge all of you to go around your dining room table asking questions. It’s an amazing and enlightening experience to bring you closer to your kids.