Becky Goldrick


camper, 2010

I always get a lot of personal growth and it’s really cool to look back to see how far or different I’ve become. When I was little I was not very confident at all, I was generally a shy person and was not good at making friends. Now looking at where I am, I’m a CIT, I can get up on stage, I do the school plays. I know I never, ever would have been able to do that without camp. Everyone’s there supporting you, they want you to succeed and everyone wants you to have fun. Especially this year being a 2nd year CIT, you have to know what you’re doing and tell others what to do. So looking back I’ve become more confident and I think more capable and better teambuilding. Working with others, I think you get good schools from that. Also living together in cabin, you get to know good ways to confront people. You have to live with them for six weeks, so if you’re upset with them. you can’t be mean, you just have to nicely approach them and say I’m happy with this. You can’t just say something and leave. It helps with situations at school and stuff. Definitely learning a lot of life skills…