Camper Spotlight- Katie Morriss


Each year I try to do as much as I can to get my trails done, trying all the new things. Today I climbed all four walls in the climbing tower which was awesome. And also new friends that you’ll see next year and you’ll be like, I have more friends now! Six out of the seven girls in our cabin I knew already so there was just one girl we didn’t know, but we all love her, she’s like the best. She’s so nice. And I also made friends from Shawnee [another cabin] and some of the girls who were in our cabin last year and we’re all friends with them which was really cool.


I describe it as my second home because I have all my friends here. The counselors are like famiily and a common counselor that we all love in our cabin is Emma. We love her so much. We run up and give her hugs every day. She’s the best.