Help Us Spread the Word about Greenwood Trails!

We’ll be hosting a camp info session for prospective families at the Langbarts’ apartment in NYC, and it would be great if you can tell your friends or anyone who may be interested.

The info session will be on Sunday, January 31st from 3-5pm. It’s an open house so people can come any time, although we’ll be giving a brief presentation at 3:30pm.

As a token of our appreciation, you’ll receive $100 for anyone who enrolls that you recommend.

To make it easy, we have added a flyer about the info session that you can email to your list, post on facebook or print out and post at your apartment building or place of work. Here’s some wording that you can use in an email and/or facebook post (of course, feel free to personalize or change as you see fit):

Still searching for a sleepaway camp this summer? Our child’s camp is hosting an info session in NYC on Sunday, January 31 from 3-5pm. Come meet the directors of Greenwood Trails and learn about their awesome 2, 4 and 6-week programs for kids ages 8-16! Email [email protected] or call 516-483-7272 for details.

You are, of course, welcome to come by as well. We love seeing our camp family! Thanks in advance for your help and we hope to see you again this summer at GWT!



Neutron’s first snow!

A large part of our responsibility as Neutron’s raisers is to expose him to all different kinds of experiences and people, which is why camp is an ideal place to raise the little guy! So far, he’s gone to a mall, a coffee shop, a playground (he did not enjoy the slide) and a pet store. We aren’t venturing out too much until we are fully confident he won’t have an accident inside.

Ohio was hit by a big snow storm last night so Neutron had his first exposure to snow up to his little ankles. He loved it! What a trooper.



It’s Neutron, the Wonder Pup!

The Tuccis are very excited to begin raising, Neutron, the cutest little black lab you’ll ever meet!  Neutron belongs to an elite line of service dogs, bred and trained by Guiding Eyes for the Blind.  Kate, Hyatt and Tucci will raise him for about 14 months before he begins his official training to become a Guiding Eyes dog!  He’ll be coming to camp to learn how to socialize with all of you as well as play with you during minors!

Check back often to read about Neutron’s progress!