Camp Happenings

A Session 2019 Video (June 30th – July 13th)

A Session 2019 Production of Cinderella

B Session 2019 Video (July 14th – July 27th)

B Session 2019 Production of Hercules

C Session 2019 Video (July 28th – August 10th)

C Session 2019 Production of The Greatest Showman

D Session 2019 Video (August 10th – August 17th)

2019 Flying trapeze Show

2019 Circus Show


A Session 2018 Video (June 24th – July 7th)

A Session 2018 Production of Grease

B Session 2018 Video (July 8th – July 21st)

B Session 2018 Production of The Little  Mermaid

C Session 2018 Video (July 22nd – August 4th)

C Session 2018 Production of Aladdin

D Session 2018 Video (Aug 5th-August 11th)

D Session 2018 Video:  BOLD Arts Seize the Day at Greenwood Trails


"Kate Morris"

by Katie Morriss, CAMPER 3

I describe it as my second home because I have all my friends here.